Bishop Larry D. Grinstead

Bishop Larry Grinstead is a native of Silver Creek Mississippi, where he recieved his humble beginnings in a Christian home.

He was afforded the opportunity to attend Alcorn State University and later enlisted in the United States Army where he gladly served his country along with others who shared the same spirit. After a successful career in the Army where he recieved awards as well as a honorable discharge his path was then changed by God and started a life long journey in ministry.  


In 1997 God open the heart of the people and he was recieved as the pastor of Puritan M. B. Church. God has truly blessed the work of this pastor and congregration in numerous ways, one of the highlights was becoming a debt free ministry after just seven short years of  constructing a new worship facility. In August 2012 Puritan and the Indianapolis community was able to witness a mighty move of God when Bishop Larry D. Grinstead was consecrated to the office of the Bishopric. In May of  2014 even a greater shifting took place when Bishop proudly took lovely Lady Janet as his wife.


Bishop Grinstead is an anointed yet humble person with a serious concern for the people of God. Out of that concern, God birth Sharpening Swords Fellowship, which is a collaboration of pastors who have come together to help raise up and sharpen the next generations of kingdom leaders. Bishop Grinstead is committed to the revelation that at some point our torches regardless of the brightness will fade and must be passed on to others for this the order of the Kingdom. Bishop Grinstead is eternally grateful for all those God used and are using to mold him into a sharper weapon for kingdom assignments. He thanks his wife,children, personal family and church family for all their sacrifices.

Iron Sharpens  Iron

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