The corporate vision of Sharpening Swords Fellowship is to promote a kingdom enviroment among clergy that 

builds the bond of unity versus separatism.



 Proverbs 27:14: "Iron sharpens iron; so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend. "

Kingdom Agenda

Civic Agenda

Empowering those who are charged with the call of Preaching
 Service and assistance to the laity


Adjutant and Armor Bearer training
Diaconate Training and instruction
 Equipping the spouses of the clergy 


​Social & Community Activism​







Youth  Empowerment





In June of 2011 Bishop Larry D. Grinstead called together several Senior Pastors that sat under him for pastoral covering and accountability in the kingdom. It would be these like minded brothers along with Bishop Grinstead that would become the Grass Root Vessels of this God given movement, understanding fully that the kingdom of God is not in word but in power. During the first stages of planning and organization the pastors present were Pastor James S. Barleston, Jr., Pastor Victor T. Woods, Pastor Charles H. McClain, Jr., Pastor Kevin Russel, and Pastor Yeozenith Eaton. Bishop Grinstead called strategic planning meetings for these pastors to attend each Monday so that the groundwork could be laid for Sharpening Swords Fellowship thus beginning the planning stages of what would be a great move of God.

Sharpening Swords Fellowship would be built upon the foundation of the Baptist Church as our primary influence. The Baptist tradition would be balanced by Pentecostal and charismatic influences. These attributes would be the things that would separate Sharpening Swords Fellowship as different than any other in the area.

The first executive function of Bishop Grinstead was to establish the governing body of the fellowship. After prayer and seeking God for guidance Bishop Grinstead formed what would be the executive governing body of the Sharpening Swords Fellowship, which along with him would aid the fellowship in progressing forward.  Bishop deemed the executive governing body of the fellowship as the “Bishops Council” of which three of his Senior Pastors were appointed and granted Apostolic Dispensation and ultimately elevated as Overseers and made the first prelates of the fellowship. These three men of God were Pastor Charles H. McClain, Jr. -First Assistant to the Presiding Bishop and General Overseer of Protocol, Pastor Victor T. Woods- General Overseer of Finance, and Pastor James S. Barleston, Jr.- General Secretary, General Overseer of Outreach and Music. 

It was determined early on that this multicultural and ecumenical Fellowship would have an Episcopal hierarchy as its form of government. The fellowship would be comprised of Ministers, Evangelist, Senior Pastors, Superintendents, General Overseers, and Bishops.

Many great things lie ahead for this fellowship and the people that it will impact. This is the Lords doing and this is marvelous in our eyes.

Our History