Iron Sharpens  Iron


2018 Holy Convocation.jpg

Welcome to Sharpening Swords Fellowship

Presiding Bishop Larry
D. Grinstead
Many of us who are charged with ministry  are faced with the same challenging issues as others who lead.  As we move forward with our ministry call we attempt to find the right balance between family, career, finances, health and wellness. 
Sharpening Swords Fellowship was birthed out of a need to promote a healthy movement of ministry based upon a unified mutual respect for the gifts and talents God gave to each of us without repentance. By recognizing our strenghts and weaknesses we are able to allow others to walk along aside us and together we can build stronger communities for economic empowerment in the kingdom, educate our youth on the principles of living a productive Christian lifestyle, and leaving a legacy for the next generations of Joshua's to follow. Our mission is to empower leaders through training  and implementing the practical application of biblical principles for a effective and well-rounded ministry lifestyle.
As the Presiding Bishop, I would like to encourage you to consider becoming a unique instrument in the hand of God through this fellowship. Together  our gifts and talents can be used to empower one another, our ministries, our families and communities. Together we can promote an anointed atmosphere that the power of  God will be in full manifestation according to Mark 16:17 "and these signs will follow those who believe: in my name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues."